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Serial Killer loose in the city

A Serial Killer is loose in the city. The police have released the following information:

1. All victims have been young blonde women, nothing tying them together other than that.
2. 5 Victimes, one every 2 weeks
3. Have been killed in some sort of Ritualistic way.

Could this be some sort of new Meta Human Threat?

Heroes or Threats, New Meta Humans in SF

There seems to be a new Meta Human Team in the Bay Area….They were caught on film foiling a bank robbery but questions still remain. One of them seems to have some sort of Teleportation power, which shows that no where are we really safe from the Meta Human threat.

Explosion at a Meth Den

A mysterious and deadly explosion has taken place at a Meth Den in the Tenderloin. SFPD is claiming that the explosion was from mishandling of volatile chemicals. However, there have been reports of AEGIS agents being on scene and rumors that The Patriot himself was in the area. What is the government not telling us?

Meta Humans Pull 5 Victims From Burning Building

Our resident teleporter came to the rescue yesterday and pulled 5 residents from a burning apartment building. A new meta human was on scene, unknown if they were working together or not, but the jumper deposited a bleeding man on the ground that apparently was a meta human and the culprit, as Aegis showed up to take him into custody.

Mayer Ed Lee Meets With Known Vigilantes Over Lunch

What is Mayer Lee thinking? Rumors of are circulating that Mayer Lee is forming a team of Meta Humans to help SFPD. Are we safe? What laws are going to stop these so-called super cops from reading our minds and arresting us for thinking something? Can they really be controlled? They have stopped several crimes and rescue many people over the weeks, but what is their goal? What happens if they snap?

In The News

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